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  House of An-Ju

Grooming Products

    One Step Grease Removing Stud Tail 

This wonderful  green, liquid shampoo is the best there is on the market to get rid of a greasy stud tail plus it cleans the coat from head to toe without harsh chemicals. Your pet's skin is protected by fur and not exposed like the skin on our hands, therefore it can easily be damaged by chemicals. This shampoo is a must, both for show and at-home use. 
125 ml 99:-/13,25 
     250 ml 159:-/21,25      500 ml 229:-/30,50 

Parisian Purple Shampoo:
This shampoo can be used on all colors from black to white. Especially great for mulitcolored coats such as black/white, torties, etc.  It truly highlightens every color and gives the coat a wonderful shine! It is the perfect "general" color enhancing shampoo. If you have a lot of different colors among your pets and only want to use one shampoo on all, this is the one for you.
125 ml  99:-/13,25 
     250 ml 159:-/21,25      500 ml 229:-/30,50 

Mahogany Gold Shampoo:
It took a long time before the founder of House of An-Ju, June Dounchis, was satisfied but when she was it turned out to be the perfect shampoo for all red coats.

125 ml    99:-/13,25      250 ml    159:-/21,25       500 ml    229:-/30,50 

Black-In Shampoo:
Now the dream of having the perfect black pet can come true  without actually coloring the coat. This shampoo enhances and deepens the natural black color and gives the coat a wonderful shine. (None of June's Original House of An-Ju's color-enhancing shampoos actually colors the coat.) 

125 ml   99:-/13,25       250 ml  159:-/21,25          500 ml   229:-/30,50 

Snowy Blue Shampoo:
Makes  white coats glow!! Brings out the best in silver coats! Perfect for all other coats that need to be of a lighter shade.  
125 ml  99:-/13,25 
       250 ml  159:-/21,25            500 ml  229:-/30,50 

Texturizing Shampoo:
This very concentrated, texturizing shampoo gives body, strength and volume to the coat without changing the structure. It reduces static electricity and removes any traces of other shampoos. It is always the finishing shampoo in the show-grooming process.  
125 ml  99:-
/13,25         250 ml  159:-/21,25       500 ml  229:- /30,50 

Texturizing Spray:
I call this the "miracle" spray because it can be used for so many things. It gives wonderful body to all coats, whether soft or crisp. Great to use at ringside for last minute touch-ups. Very effective in straightening out curly stomach/chest fur and calming static electricity at the show. Prevents matting. Has a light, nice fragrance.

75 ml with spray pump    99:-/13,25 
                                                             Refills: 250 ml  159:-/21,25     500 ml  229:-/30,50 

Anti-Stat Spray 

Wonderful to have on hand when it gets cold and you and your pet exchange electric shocks! It curbs fly-away coat and straightens curly stomach fur. 
75 ml with spray pump  99:-/13,25 
Refills:    250 ml   159:-/21,25      500 ml  229:-/30,50 

Bay-Rum Spray:

Gives the coat a wonderful shine when it is to be its very best! Like icing on the cake it also has a great fragrance! A little goes a long way and it has a light anti-stat!   
75 ml with spraypump    99:-

 Other products

 Emu Oil Shampoo:

   A very mild conditioning shampoo with healing oils. Makes the coat wonderfully soft och silky without loosing its texture. Excellent for sensitive skin, excema, dandruff and kittens.  Made in USA. 

130 ml  99:-
/13,25      250 ml  159:-/21,25      500 ml  229:-

Diamond Dust Grooming Powder

One of the most popular cosmetic powders in America. It covers up tear stains quickly and can easily be used at shows for last minute touch-ups.
Available in light blue - light red - white - creme - medium brown - black

100 gr : 149:-/20   

Kaulinum powder (Switzerland)

Great to use on a very stubborn stud tail before bathing with One Step and also for touching up the coat at ring side. Is completely fragrance free and cannot be traced when put into the coat!
                                                        70 mg     45:-/6                                                         


USA's most used cleaner for getting rid of very stubborn stud tails 

                                      14 oz (397 gr.) 85:-/11,50

DR. Clauder's Fellglanz Saft

A wonderful liquid vitamin that gives the coat a great luster and elasticity. One other bonus is that the coat sheds a lot less.  New "try it"

100 ml 95:-/12,50   250 ml  178:-/23,75

Dr.Bach Rescue Spray (Switzerland)

A must for cats with stress, use the spray before any situation wich causes stress for the cat.

                                               50 ml 150:-/20

Feline Porta 21


A must for the cat you love, 3 sizes 9 tastes 90 grams 156 grams 400 grams.

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